Hotel Marketing

Achievements with Search Engine Marketing

Increased ROI to Search Engine Advertising

Client: Multi-Market Luxury Hotel Brand

Challenge: Client had incorrect conversion data due to tracking discrepancy within third-party booking engine. Uncertainties in conversion data negatively affected the ability to optimize performance.

Solution: Tracking data discrepancy was resolved by swiftly debugging, applying improved tracking tags and implementing Google Tag Manager to streamline tag implementations without accruing third-party support fees. We then optimized campaign’s performance & performed variant testing. We launched display advertising campaigns including retargeting. Lastly, we analyzed conversion funnels and optimized paths to purchase including the redesign of booking engine user-interface with improved user-experience.

Results: Achieved over a 97% increase of ROI to search engine advertising channels from 4:1 to almost 8:1 within a 7 month period.


Increased ROI by 97%