Event Marketing

Achievements with Display Advertising

Increased ROI to Display Campaigns

Client: Large Consumer Event

Challenge: Tight budget constraints made this challenging. Client provided the same budget they have allocated as the previous year and expected an increase of ROI. Considering that in the previous year, client had exhausted budget one week before the last week of the event, we were facing a challenge ahead.

Solution: We took a data driven approach. We analyzed ticket sales data from previous years and used that intelligence to strategically position budget scheduling in correlation with buying behavior. We also developed engaging assets relevant to landing pages and properly segmented campaigns to measure success between audience groups.

Results: We achieved an 82% increase of ROI compared to previous year and ticket sales online by increased by 64%. With a 300% reduction in CPM since campaign launch, a 3% click-through-rate and 7.2% conversion rate, we were able to maximize campaign efficiency. Also, because we strategically used our budget to it’s maximum efficiency, we were able to have enough budget to cover the entire event which contributed to our ability to achieve more conversions within the restricted budget.


Increased ROI by 82%