What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is the interaction between an online store and it’s customer throughout the lifecycle of their relationship. A customer will interact with the online retail brand several times, we call the “customer journey”.

Why Customer Experience?

It’s all about conversions. During the customer journey, your customer will make various touchpoints with your online brand. This experience can be measured and optimized at different levels to improve conversions.

What is Online Value Proposition?

Online Value Proposition (OVP) is the reason why your customer would buy your product or service. Understand the reasons why your customer will want to choose your product.

Why Online Value Proposition?

Knowing why your customers chose your product instead of others is crucial to comprehend before you can gain equitable market share. This helps you differentiate your brand, highlighting the value the value it has to your customers.

Why Make The Investment?

Conversions and customers. Investing in your customer’s experience and your products value proposition will not only drive repeat business, but will positively impact your conversions and create long lasting relationships between you and your customers.

Check out Asos and Tesco, two UK based retailers making headlines on Marketing Week: https://goo.gl/QEOuPW. Investing in Customer Experience and Customer Value Proposition definitely has huge pay offs. Need to improve your Customer Experience? Don’t have an Online Value Proposition yet?

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