Finding a PPC expert in Miami is like finding a needle in a hay stack. After fifteen years in Miami, I have seen the best and the worst. It is very rare to find good PPC resources in Miami and not everyone does it right. Truth is, pay per click demands a level of analysis, mathematics and accountability. From my experience running multi-million dollar campaigns, if you don’t have the interest and drive to scale a campaign to it’s full potential, it will never happen. In order to find someone good, you need to look for these 5 basic requirements:

1. Experience

You do not want to hire a newbie to experiment with your campaigns unless you want to waste money. Experience is absolutely required in a PPC expert, they should have at least 3 years or more of experience (without gaps).

2. Verifiable Performance

Notice how I included the word “Verifiable” here. They will brag and throw numbers in your face, so make sure you ask for reports, graphs or any metrics that back up their claims.

3. Ad Score

Ask them about examples of how they have leveraged Ad Score to help campaigns perform. If you do not hear the word “Relevance” pop up at all during the conversation, do not hire this person.

4. Budget Management

Ask them how much was he average monthly budget they managed. If they tell you a number less than the budget you anticipated to spend, move on. If they tell you a number over a million dollars a year, unless they’re an agency, they are most likely lying.

5. Analysis

Remember, there is a high level of math and analysis in PPC. This resource will need to understand how to lay out formulas on a spreadsheet and solve mathematical equations including calculation of estimated CPC, ROAS and ROI.

I hope this helps you fid the right PPC expert for your brand. Although there aren’t many, there are still a few good PPC experts out there, including myself, that can take your product or service to the next level online.