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We provide display advertising services. We build engaging rich media and video advertising campaigns to increase your visibility online. From strategy, creatives to campaign management, we have built successful display advertising campaigns for national retailers, hotels and local events. We also build retargeting campaigns and show ads contextually based on the product or service your client/customer was interested in.


We provide an all-inclusive display advertising service. From strategic planning, creative production, to the build out and tracking of campaigns, everything is done conveniently in-house. We develop campaigns which yield high engagement and high click-through rates. We also create multi-variations of display ads and we run them side by side, constantly testing to finding out the best way possible to maximize campaign performance.


Display not only taps into your mobile audience, is also reaches the most people within your target market compared to any other media. Display influences your audience at every stage of the conversion funnel from awareness to direct response. With display you also have the advantage of running retargeting campaigns, which give you the ability to show ads to the people who last visited your website. There is no doubt, display can yield a high return on investment, let us show you how your brand can use display to increase business online.

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Display Advertising

Saigent provides display advertising & management of display campaigns. Whether your organization needs to improve brand awareness or whether you would like for us to develop a strategic display advertising campaign, we have experience making display advertising a successful online channel. Let us develop an integrated marketing campaign including display advertising and retargeting, contact us today.

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