What’s Your Value Proposition?

What’s Your Value Proposition?

What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is the interaction between an online store and it’s customer throughout the lifecycle of their relationship. A customer will interact with the online retail brand several times, we call the “customer journey”.

Why Customer Experience?

It’s all about conversions. During the customer journey, your customer will make various touchpoints with your online brand. This experience can be measured and optimized at different levels to improve conversions.

What is Online Value Proposition?

Online Value Proposition (OVP) is the reason why your customer would buy your product or service. Understand the reasons why your customer will want to choose your product.

Why Online Value Proposition?

Knowing why your customers chose your product instead of others is crucial to comprehend before you can gain equitable market share. This helps you differentiate your brand, highlighting the value the value it has to your customers.

Why Make The Investment?

Conversions and customers. Investing in your customer’s experience and your products value proposition will not only drive repeat business, but will positively impact your conversions and create long lasting relationships between you and your customers.

Check out Asos and Tesco, two UK based retailers making headlines on Marketing Week: Investing in Customer Experience and Customer Value Proposition definitely has huge pay offs. Need to improve your Customer Experience? Don’t have an Online Value Proposition yet?

Let us help you leverage Customer Experience and Online Value Proposition, contact us today!

Getting Listed On Google Maps

Getting Listed On Google Maps

Add business to Google Maps by reading below. Back in the days, we used to receive big fat yellow books with a local business directory. I remember how tedious it was to search through these thin pages with microscopic text and aren’t we glad these days are over. Today we have these things called “search engines” and they provide your potential customers with a visual experience of your business listing. Google now provides a way for local storefronts to display their store in VR (virtual reality).


Adding Your Business To Google Maps


First you will need to register your business listing using Google My Business. This is Google’s platform for managing your business listing on Google. With this listing, you will appear on Google Maps.

Go to Google My Business.

Open this page and go through the prompts. It will ask you what business type you are. If you are a “storefront” you will select that. You will select storefront because you either own a restaurant, retail store or hotel. You also have the option to select “service area” and this option is ideal for local businesses proving a service like plumbers, dog-sitters or taxi services. Let’s say you own a product or music band. If this is the case, you have the option to choose brand. Carefully select this as you may not be able to go back and modify this later


Adding Multiple Business Locations on Google Maps

You also have the option to add multiple locations on Google Maps. You will need to upload a spreadsheet or excel file with the multiple locations. When you are promoted to select which business type you want to be, underneath the three main options you will see small text with link to import your locations using an excel file. Make sure you save the file in the format it specifies


Complete & Confirm Your Registration

Fill out in detail your business information including business name, address, service area, phone number, hours of operation, etc. Choose relevant information about your business. You will be prompted to confirm your information by receiving a postcard in the mail. This is Google’s way of making sure you are a physical legitimate business that merits a place in Google Maps. IMPORTANT: The postcard will contain a code that you will need to enter within your Google My Business account in order to confirm registration. You will not be able to obtain a listing of Google Maps without entering that code, so make sure you get it


The Waiting Period

After you confirmed your registration, you will need to wait for Google to activate your listing. This all depends on Google and it can be either instantly or may take a while. If you haven’t seen your listing come up on organic searches, remember that Google Maps serve listing relevant to users including geographically relevant. This means that the closest business may have higher positioning in the results. This is why you need to make sure you have an optimized listing. If you need help with this, drop us an email.

Finding PPC Experts in Miami

Finding PPC Experts in Miami

Finding a PPC expert in Miami is like finding a needle in a hay stack. After fifteen years in Miami, I have seen the best and the worst. It is very rare to find good PPC resources in Miami and not everyone does it right. Truth is, pay per click demands a level of analysis, mathematics and accountability. From my experience running multi-million dollar campaigns, if you don’t have the interest and drive to scale a campaign to it’s full potential, it will never happen. In order to find someone good, you need to look for these 5 basic requirements:

1. Experience

You do not want to hire a newbie to experiment with your campaigns unless you want to waste money. Experience is absolutely required in a PPC expert, they should have at least 3 years or more of experience (without gaps).

2. Verifiable Performance

Notice how I included the word “Verifiable” here. They will brag and throw numbers in your face, so make sure you ask for reports, graphs or any metrics that back up their claims.

3. Ad Score

Ask them about examples of how they have leveraged Ad Score to help campaigns perform. If you do not hear the word “Relevance” pop up at all during the conversation, do not hire this person.

4. Budget Management

Ask them how much was he average monthly budget they managed. If they tell you a number less than the budget you anticipated to spend, move on. If they tell you a number over a million dollars a year, unless they’re an agency, they are most likely lying.

5. Analysis

Remember, there is a high level of math and analysis in PPC. This resource will need to understand how to lay out formulas on a spreadsheet and solve mathematical equations including calculation of estimated CPC, ROAS and ROI.

I hope this helps you fid the right PPC expert for your brand. Although there aren’t many, there are still a few good PPC experts out there, including myself, that can take your product or service to the next level online.